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Growing Old is Inevitable, Aging is Optional


Each weekend, millions of Americans venture outdoors in order to connect and participate in activities with friends and family members. Merriam-Webster defines them as weekend warriors.

While there are many fun and exciting ways to remain active, as we age the likelihood of injury increases. So, what can be done to help combat injury?

Take an active role in your health to stay well. It is essential in making sure you are able to continue your weekend activities.

Work/Play Perspective

A full-time work week is often 40 or more hours per week. In sharp contrast, ballgames (softball baseball, volleyball, basketball) last only a few hours. A hike or bike ride, might last 3-6 hours.

The vast difference in time spent at your desk versus your active games/hobbies highlight why you must take proactive steps to remain healthy as a weekend warrior.

A few facts…

  • Regular stretching and weight-bearing strength training are key to reduce your injury risk.
  • 1 hour 15 minutes of vigorous exercise recommended weekly
  • Weekend warriors have a 40% decreased risk of cardiovascular disease

What’s next? 

Aging does not cause injury, and there is NO need to stop playing or enjoying your favorite sports and activities. However, it requires we focus on being proactive with our health.

Find accountability partners and check on each other to ensure you are stretching, strengthening and staying active daily. Make sure to include regular chiropractic care, too.

“It’s a cinch by the inch…”

Little steps daily are key to helping maintain your ability to push yourself during your weekend excursions. Growing older is inevitable, aging is within our control.


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