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Why Chiropractic?

For 100 years, professional athletes have been choosing chiropractic care for injury reduction, competition recovery, and as a means to gain a competitive advantage.

Today, it is no longer just the pro teams’ medical staff choosing chiropractic for its athletes. Chiropractors are found at nearly all levels of competitive athletics; including high school and college.

Chiropractic’s Evolution in Sports

Initially, chiropractic care was utilized as a means to reduce injuries. It has evolved greatly due to research showing spinal adjustments ability to influence the brain, spinal cord, and even muscle strength. 

Three exciting research facts:

  • Spinal adjustments can positively alter how the body processes pain.
  • Motor control and movement patterns can improve following a spinal adjustment.  
  • Increases in muscle strength have been observed following spinal adjustments.

Professional athletes utilize chiropractic for various reasons, including increased mobility and performance. There is no requirement to be an all-star to benefit from chiropractic care. All ages and abilities are encouraged to include it in their health care plan.


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