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"...can walk without pain, found the reason why I had previous sinus trouble and knee pain. I've found that my life doesn't have to be hindered by pain, but can be free of it, and that I can do what I dream.  My only limitations are those in my own mind and not my body." 
- Janelle B. (Santa Rosa)

"Serendipity is amazing! They have the most friendly and welcoming staff you could ask for. They are kind, caring and very professional in everything they do. The office is extremely clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend Serendipity to my friends and family."
- Ryan K. (Petaluma)

"...have had the quickest most effective recovery from my injuries.  Serendipity is dedicated to providing care that is professional, friendly and effective, all in a nurturing environment.  More businesses should perform so well." 
- Curtis M. (Novato)

...feel better, sleep, eat and can dance with little pain!  Life is so much brighter and fuller!  I am still rough on my body, but with each adjustment and as each day goes by, I can work just a little bit harder and sleep more soundly!" 

- Sara L. (Two Rock)

" having a much less uncomfortable and more enjoyable pregnancy the 2nd time around!  Regular adjustments since the first month of this pregnancy have helped all my symptoms and I've had none of the intense sciatic pain I developed during my first pregnancy.  Thank You!"
- Brooke L. (Petaluma)

" bouncing up the stairs and quick on my feet.  I have always been an active person and one day in April '09 I woke up and could not move.  I crawled to the bathroom.  Prior to that I had some signs of aching and ignored it.  After numerous pills, physical therapy, seeing my son disappointed that I could not play, and continuous pain. my friend, Amanda, gave me the best gift...a free exam at Serendipity.  It has been a long haul and I'm not all the way there (and have no doubt I will get there soon).  The care I received from Dr. Julie has been outstanding!  She has helped me gain the strength I need to keep up with my active 9-year-old son.  She really cares about my well-being and I am eternally grateful. Thank you!"
 - Marie R. (Novato)

"...don't have numbness and tingling in my painting hand!" 
- Jessica S. (Santa Rosa)

"Thanks to Dr. Julie my pain from my shoulder has been better than ever. Also, my little one has gotten great help with her digestion." 
- Aleyda R. (Petaluma)

"...can move better than ever, even from when I was a kid!"
- Anna A. (Petaluma)


"...have been able to sleep better and also have less allergies and stuffy nose.  Plus, I really like coming with my mom.  All the doctors and helpers are nice and I like them a lot!"
- Taylor Mc. (Sebastopol)

" able to keep up with my super active 10-year-old son.  We went bowling and tied scores over 100!" 
 - Jo Mc. (Sebastopol)

Thanks to Serendipity I am bouncing up the stairs and quick on my feet once again. I have always been an active person and my back went out in April and I could barely walk. I was crawling just to get to the bathroom. They have helped me gain the strength I need to keep up with my active 9 yr. old son. They really care about my well being and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you!!!!"

Marie R. – Petaluma, CA

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